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We have raised capital for a variety of private equity, private debt, real assets and liquid alternatives managers from across the globe

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  • OpenRaising

    Cressey & Co

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  • OpenRaising

    LaSalle Investment Management

  • OpenRaising

    Baring Private Equity Asia

  • OpenRaising

    Robus Capital

  • OpenRaising

    Deerpath Capital

  • OpenRaising

    L1 Digital

  • OpenRaising

    InfraRed Capital Partners

  • OpenRaising

    GCM Grosvenor Infrastructure

  • OpenRaising

    Elementum Advisors

  • ClosedUSD 300m

    Axiom Asia Private Capital

  • OpenUSD 100m

    L1 Digital

  • OpenRaising

    Robus Capital

  • ClosedCHF 210m

    JMS Invest

  • ClosedEUR 1.25bn

    Rothschild & Co - Five Arrows

  • ClosedUSD 2.68bn

    Vistria IV

  • ClosedUSD 350m

    Axiom Asia Private Capital Co-Investment Fund II

  • ClosedUSD 1.8bn

    Axiom Asia Private Capital Fund VI

  • ClosedUSD 1.1bn

    Deerpath Capital Fund V

  • ClosedUSD 32m

    L1 Digital Blockchain Venture Fund I

  • ClosedEUR 250m

    Atlantic Bridge IV

  • ClosedUSD 6.5bn

    Baring Private Equity Asia VII

  • ClosedUSD 540m

    GCM Private Equity

  • Closed EUR 282m

    Robus Recovery Fund II

  • ClosedUSD 2.3bn

    BlueOrchard Microfinance Fund I

  • ClosedUSD 400m

    Northstar Fund VII

  • ClosedUSD 1.4bn

    Axiom Asia Private Capital Fund V

  • ClosedEUR 3.29bn

    PAI Partners Europe VI

  • ClosedUSD 1.2bn

    MidOcean Partners Fund V

  • ClosedUSD 210m

    Axiom Asia Private Capital Co-investment Fund I

  • ClosedUSD 870m

    Deerpath Capital Fund IV

  • ClosedUSD 365m

    UBS AM International Infrastructure Fund II

  • ClosedEUR 400m

    3i European Infrastructure Fund I

  • ClosedEUR 306m

    UBS Private Equity Growth III

  • ClosedEUR 125m

    Robus Recovery Fund I

  • ClosedUSD 300m

    Northstar Capital Fund VI

  • ClosedUSD 250m

    3i Middle Market Loan Fund

  • Closed

    3i Senior Loans

  • Closed

    Skybridge Capital

  • Closed

    Aspect Capital Diversified Trends Fund

“Our relationship with POLARIS has been instrumental in progressing our strategic goal of growing in Europe - and the team has delivered results consistently and substantially above expectations. We really appreciate their local insights into European markets and their longstanding and deep personal relationships with LPs, two factors that made a huge difference in our fundraising success.   As a firm based outside Europe, we also benefitted greatly from POLARIS' guidance regarding local investment/regulatory requirements for our pitch, as well as for the structuring of European onshore fund vehicles.  Moreover, the POLARIS team is fun to work with and I personally like the team's energy level, demonstrated not only during fundraises but also at various running events we initiated together at SuperReturn Berlin and Hong Kong”

Edmond Ng
Managing Partner - Axiom Asia Private Capital

“POLARIS is our selected long-term partner for Europe, having helped us grow our business outside the US continuously and successfully throughout several fund cycles. The team have done an excellent job highlighting our differentiation and value proposition to their client base, allowing us to fundraise in a time- and cost-efficient fashion. Also noteworthy is the team’s deep understanding of the regulatory environment and their hands-on assistance structuring and raising a European on-shore vehicle, which allowed us to tap into an entirely new client base”

James Kirby
Co-Founder & President - Deerpath Capital Management

“Working with POLARIS over the past several years has been a rewarding and successful experience for Elementum. The level of dedication and collaboration exhibited by the POLARIS team has been terrific and its client-centric approach has been well received by Elementum’s team”

Adam Maloney
Managing Director - Elementum Advisors LLC

“Choosing the right partner is a critical success factor for an asset manager. We found in POLARIS the perfect fit. With their extended network in German speaking countries, POLARIS has helped the growth of our business continuously”

Dieter Kaiser
Co-Founder - Robus Capital Management

“The POLARIS team has a deep reach into the German and Swiss markets. They have connected 3i with key local investors, as well as with Tier 2 and Tier 3 names which we would not have been able to identify and approach directly. The team is hungry and efficient, as well as easy to work with”

Thomas Fodor
Investor Relations - 3i Group