About Us

We are a European placement agent representing an exclusive group of asset managers worldwide, whom we select through an in-depth due diligence process together with our senior advisors and external investment consultants

Our Services

Fundraising / Fund Placement

POLARIS is a European Investment advisory Boutique specialised in marketing and fundraising for alternative investment asset managers. We are 100% focused on European investors

Market-entry Advisory

POLARIS has considerable experience in the advisory and viability assessment of fund offerings and can assist with choosing the right fund vehicle to best access the European Market


International team with strong passion for alternative investments

  • Claus Hilpold

    Claus Hilpold

    Founder & Managing Partner

  • Stefan Braegger

    Stefan Braegger

    Managing Partner

  • Rolf Dreiseidler

    Rolf Dreiseidler

    Managing Partner

  • Evelyn Hilpold

    Evelyn Hilpold


  • Dr. Hemma Fuchs

    Dr. Hemma Fuchs

    Accounting & Controlling

  • Fenno Brakel

    Fenno Brakel

    Senior Associate

  • Eveline Yan

    Eveline Yan


Advisory Board

Dr. Hanspeter Bader


Baldomero Falcones

Senior Advisor - Private Equity

Dr. Thomas Friese

Senior Advisor - Infrastructure

Matthias Knab

Senior Advisor

John Fraser

Senior Advisor - Private Debt