POLARIS Investment Advisory

  • Alternative Investments - Concepts Beyond Mainstream “Crypto Asset Special”
    (Event hosted by POLARIS Investment Advisory and CAIA)

    At times when Alternative Investments become mainstream and capital flows continue to drive down returns, it‘s worth to have a think about attractive niches, largely undiscovered by most investors. With this “Crypto Asset Special” we invite you to take a holistic view on an emerging asset class based on blockchain technology - brought to you by leading crypto-practitioners in venture capital, relative value and long-only investing.

    Topics & speakers:

    Welcome by CAIA and POLARIS 
    Ahmet Peker, Chapter Head, CAIA / Wolfgang Kostner, Chapter Executive, CAIA 
    Rolf Dreiseidler / Claus Hilpold, CFA, CAIA, Managing Partners, POLARIS Investment Advisory AG

    Crypto Assets: Bridging the Traditional and the New Economies
    Jan Brzezek, CEO and Co-Founder, Crypto Finance AG

    Smart Beta and Relative Value Strategies in Crypto Currencies 
    Donald K. Day, CTO & Systematic PM, Bletchley Park Asset Management

    Venture Investing in Blockchain: Challenges and Benefits
    Mark Cachia, Co-Founder & Portfolio Manager, Scytale Ventures Ltd.

    Times & locations:

    Tuesday May 08th, 08.00-10.30, Dusseldorf 
    Industrie-Club, Eberfelderstrasse 6

    Tuesday May 08th, 16.00-18.15, Frankfurt (followed by drinks)
    Flemings Frankfurt-City, Eschenheimer Tor 2

    Wednesday May 09th, 08.00-10.30, Munich
    Platzl Hotel München, Sparkassenstrasse 10 

    If you wish to register, please email: