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Dec 2020

POLARIS wishes a healthy and happy holiday season

Dec 2020

Claus Hilpold präsentiert Helium Inc. bei Hedgework

Am 1. Dezember 2020 präsentiert Claus Hilpold von POLARIS Investment Advisory AG und L1Digital bei Hedgework ein Webinar zum spannenden Thema, Internet der Dinge: "A Real-Life use case on Blockchain. Helium - Introducing The People's Network".

Mehr Informationen finden Sie unter: https://www.hedgework.de/kommende-events.html

Nov 2020

Climate Change and its impact on ILS

Climate Change and its impact on ILS:

In a world of a changing climate, it's important for investors in ILS to consider how their portfolios could be impacted and what the future risk / return profile of the asset class could look like. 

Our long-standing partner Elementum has published an interesting research article that discusses:

  • what risk perils will be affected by climate change and in what ways
  • how are these changes reflected in risk modeling and underwriting decisions
  • what will be the impacts on the supply and demand for catastrophe risk protection

We would be happy to discuss our findings with you.

Jul 2020

JMS wins the HFM European Performance Award 2020

Congratulations to our partner JMS Invest for winning the HFM European Performance Award 2020 for best UCITS - Equity

Feb 2020

Digital Assets Investment Universe - Article

In January 2020, Claus Hilpold, CFA, CAIA and Dr. Philipp Sandner published an article detailing the digital assets universe. The German-language article was published in the January 2020 issue of the Absolute Alternatives magazine and is titled “Investment Strategien im Bereich Digital Assets”. Free access to the article will be provided after registration through the attached form below.